April 13, 2019
4 months and 3 days left
until our reunion.
Save The Date
40th Class Reunion!!!!

Lordy, Lordy we can’t believe it’s been 40!
The Reunion Committee has researched 14 different facilities to host our soirée and have determined that the Lod Cook Conference Center & Hotel will provide the best bang for our BUC!
Our reunion will be held on the weekend of April 12-14, 2019.  Friday evening plans are still in the works, but the main event will be on Saturday evening from 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM.  After parties are bound to happen. 
The Committee has secured a block of rooms at the Lod Cook Hotel.  So, attending the main event is as easy as walking across the parking lot.
The committee has not yet established the ticket price as we are still ironing out the other details.  If you are not signed into our class webpage at www.broadmoor79.com yet, we strongly encourage you to do so.  We need your email address, so we can send you reunion information.  Also, our lost classmates list is still rather lengthy so if you know someone on the list please email us at broadmoor79@gmail.com.  It is quick and easy.  Jim Thompson is the webmaster (scary thoughts) and his policy is information other than what you see display on the webpage is private.  He does not share this with anyone. 
Looking forward to another great reunion!
The Committee

We still have a large list of lost classmates.  If you are visiting the site and have not signed on, we wish you would join the group.  To add your information to this site, click on the "classmates" link, then click on the "add your info" box.  Please note, the Committee keeps all information confidential.  Email addresses are not published.  After you save your data, you will not immediately see this information posted on the website.  The webmaster will then approve the information for display.

Please don't forget to update your email addresses on the website when you change them! 
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